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Artiscare Jasmine Oil (10ml)

Artiscare Jasmine Oil (10ml)

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The King of Flowers, Jasmine can be considered the most masculine of all floral aromas.

Although more expensive than most essential oils, it is extremely potent. Jasmine is relaxing, intoxicating, and warming, as well as helpful for deep sleep.

Emotionally, Jasmine helps with anger, jealousy and disappointment. T

his Jasmine Absolute odor has a delicate nature as compared to Jasmine Concrete.

Add a few drops to a diffuser for a relaxing, feminine aroma climate, or 3 drops to a warm bath for a pleasant retreat. Blend with Sweet Almond Oil for direct skin contact. Do not use if pregnant.

Obtained through solvent extraction of flowers. Originates from Egypt.


Jasminum officinale

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