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Artiscare Lemon & Orange Oil Set (10ml Each)

Artiscare Lemon & Orange Oil Set (10ml Each)

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Enjoy both Lemon & Pure Orange oils in this beautiful set.


is a refreshing and versatile essential oil that can help protect your body against damaging free radicals while also providing digestive support. With just a drop or two in your water as a dietary supplement, you have the potential to improve your metabolism and ultimately maintain overall wellness. Lemon’s aroma can also uplift your senses by cultivating a sense of awakening and discovery. Our Lemon Miracle Essential Oil is an excellent way to promote cognitive awareness as well as increase energy. If you want to create a cheerful atmosphere, diffuse Lemon single oil to restore enthusiasm on days that have simply lost their luster.


Have you ever gulped down a glass of orange juice at the first sign of a scratchy throat? Now you can enjoy everything you love about this wonderful fruit without all of the added sugar or sticky fingers. Pure orange oil releases a refreshing scent when diffused and used topically, and also provides a delicious flavor when taken internally as a dietary supplement. Our Orange essential oil can act as an air purifier, potential metabolism booster or mood enhancer, and much more. With almost endless applications for your home and health, this potent single oil may change your life.


Citrus Limonum (Lemon)

Citrus Sinensis (Orange)

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